A team passionate about the future of renewable energy

We are a highly skilled team that’s using the latest technologies to build software services that transform the way we trade power.

Dexter Energy was started with the idea of using machine learning to accelerate the transition toward a fully renewable power system.

We are on a mission to help renewable energy companies lead the way toward a cleaner and more affordable energy future by offering AI-powered forecast and trade optimization services for the short-term trading cycle.  

Our DNA is renewable energy and data science. And we have brought together a driven team of experts that combine knowledge of meteorology, energy trade, and machine learning. This unique combination of skills allows us to really understand the needs of customers and build the best solutions in the market. 

Who we are

The values we stand for

Being open

We believe in being transparent and open in our communication and decision-making processes. We encourage open dialogue and value diverse perspectives.

The values we stand for

Be a pioneer

We are disrupting the energy market while we embrace innovation and are always looking for ways to push the boundaries and be a leader in the industry.

The values we stand for

Embrace challenges

We love tech and complexity will never hold us back to complete our goals. We are resilient and adaptable, and see every obstacle as an opportunity to grow.

The values we stand for

Value People

We believe in treating our employees, customers, and stakeholders with respect and appreciation. We value diversity and inclusivity and strive to create a positive and supportive work environment.

Meet the team

Building the best-in-class solutions is not an easy feat. Luckily we have an amazing team that makes it happen.


Luuk Veeken


Hubert Penn


Tom Lemmens


Ana Proença Caria


Mehmet Karadayi

Head of People

Aniek Hartlief

Data Engineer

Juman Salamah

Machine Learning Engineer

Maartje de Jonge

Backend Engineer

Georgy Grigoryev

Backend Engineer

João Battistella Nadas

Data Scientist

Inge van den Ende

Backend Engineer

Nikita Kuznetsov

Customer Success Manager

Jelena Pajin

Customer Success Manager

Erwin Dral

Product Specialist / Commercial Delivery Manager

Pedro Leal Jáuregui

Customer Success Manager

Vanessa Restrepo Uribe

Data Engineer

Joost van Ingen

Event Manager

Mylaissa Van Gool

Data Engineer

Martijn Nanne

Data Science Manager

Alexander Backus

Product Marketing Manager

Andi Piftor

Lead Data Scientist

Tom de Ruijter

Tech Lead - Trade Optimization

Johan de Vries

Finance Administrator

Anastasia Poltorak

Forecast Operations Engineer

Coral Baas

Full Stack Developer

Patrick Damery Mendez

People & Culture Representative

Marijke Zeevenhooven

Machine Learning Engineer

Alessandro Gentile

Tech Lead - Solar Forecasting

Leon Overweel

Machine Learning Engineer

Zoltán Konarzewski

Management Assistant

Miho Tanaka

Meteorological Engineer

Igor Oliveira

Lead Meteorological Data Engineer

Fons de Leeuw

Senior DevOps Engineer

Ricardo Lopes da Silva

Head of Sales

Philip van Engers

Quantitative Trading Analyst

Lennart Heinemeier

Senior Data Scientist

Alex Koutsman

Product Manager

Sergio Saborio Taylor

Machine Learning Engineer

Daniël Willemsen

Forecast Operations Engineer

Suus van Gastel

Tech Recruiter

Andrei Kurylionak

Backend Engineer

Fedor Golishevskii

Business Recruiter

Sam Janssen

Customer Success Manager

Fères Hassan

Engineering Manager

Jan van Bemmelen

Junior Business Developer

Alexander de Kousemaeker

Technical Product Manager

Miguel Mendes Espada Coelho Borges

Forecast Operations Engineer

Menno Bruin

Data Science Manager

Giuseppe Procaccianti

Forecast Operations Engineer

Gautham Venkataraman

Content Marketing Specialist

Catalina Bârzescu

Data Engineer

Brian Ren

Head of Customer Success

Sandra Bienaymé

Backend Engineer

Remmert Muller

Forecast Operations Lead

Pooja Ramakrishnan

Business Analyst

Neil Vaz

Financial Analyst

Seung Won Kim

Engineering Manager

Olivia Stoicescu

Machine Learning Engineer

Arend van Dormalen

DevOps Tech Lead

Adriaan Stander

Software Engineer

Rodrigo De Rosa

Software Engineer

Laura Țurcanu

Software Engineer

Guus Verstegen

Software Engineer

Andrei Petre

Software Engineer

Kees van Ekeren

Junior Business Developer

Floris Bicker

Data Scientist

Gerben Dekker

Data Engineer

Pranav Chandramouli

Machine Learning Engineer

Pieter Custers

DevOps Engineer

Cole Henderson

Data Engineer

Yuxi Zhang

DevOps Engineer

Matthijs Verkaaik

People Ops Specialist

Ofir Fischer de Groot

Data Engineer

Yang Liu

Data Scientist

Andre Vauvelle

Work at Dexter

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Our ambition

We are striving to become the best player in forecast and trade optimization services in Europe. To achieve this goal, we count on our team effort.

Our curiosity ensures that we are aware of the latest developments and that we are always working on ways to challenge the status quo. We put a lot of emphasis on ownership, honesty, and team collaboration. Our open culture and flat organizational structure mean we can make quick decisions. Also, every one of us can have a high impact and feel like we are contributing to our mission.

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