Balancing costs savings

Our customers are able to reduce balancing costs by up to 35%.


Weather data/day

Our forecasts and trade optimizations are based on 100 GB of weather data processed every day.


Customer satisfaction

In our most recent customer engagement survey, 93% of all respondents told us that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the products and support we provide.

Turning challenges of the energy transition into opportunities.

Dexter’s leading AI-based forecasting and short-term trade optimization products mitigate balancing risk and maximize trade profits for renewable energy companies.

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Use cases

Helping Greenchoice balance and optimize their 100% renewable portfolio

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Why work with us?

We provide our customers with the best all-in-one solution for the short-term trading cycle. Here’s what you can expect from a partnership with us.

High-performance forecasting

Our advanced AI forecasting setup interprets very large amounts of data at high speeds. This helps customers get a better understanding of risk and uncertainty in order to make better informed decisions.

All-in-one solution

We are unique in combining power forecasting, price forecasting, and trade optimization in one single solution for renewables & BESS portfolios.

Best-in-market software

Dexter Energy's API is developer-friendly, easy to use, secure, and capable of handling dynamic and complex renewables portfolios.

Dedicated partner

Our objective is to optimize trade results - beyond a good forecast. We do this by providing detailed feedback on the portfolio data but also by challenging our clients on their forecast setups & trade strategies.

Unlocking optimal decisions for short-term power trading

Our solution was built from the ground up to suit the needs of short-term power traders.

Forecast and quantitative analysts

We help quantitative analysts process large amounts of weather, market, and asset data into accurate forecast and trade signals.

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Short-term traders

We enable short-term power traders to gain a competitive advantage by providing a smarter approach to generation forecasting and trade optimization.

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Heads of trading

We empower the heads of trading to turn challenges of the energy transition into opportunities. Clients who work with us save significant resources on IT and portfolio management.

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