ENERGY using ai.


Load Forecasting

Portfolio Optimisation

Asset Optimisation

What we do

Dexter offers AI-based forecasting-as-a-service to reduce imbalance on the electricity grid and help energy retailers save imbalance costs up to 35%. The services optimise the portfolio of energy retailers by accurately forecasting energy loads and imbalances on the grid.

For whom

Dexter offers its services directly to energy utilities and balancing responsible parties as well as through partnerships with balancing service parties.


Imbalance can be reduced by accurately forecasting energy flows and dispatching flexible energy assets. Dexter offers a forecasting and dispatching solution that runs with modern AI and cloud-based technology that is more accurate and more affordable than traditional solutions.

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TWh forecasted

Flexible MW optimized

Dexter’s Offering

AI forecasting for energy trading

Dexter offers load and imbalance time-series forecasting throughout the mid-term and short-term trading cycle.

Big data management

Dexter combines large amounts of different external data sources (i.e. weather data) with customer data (historic time-series) to give the most accurate forecast possible.

Cloud and API-based services

The forecasting engine runs in the cloud and is able to on-board and connect with existing IT infrastructure in a seamlessly easy way.

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