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Our solutions are designed to manage portfolio risk and optimize financial results. Discover how we can improve your short-term power trading.

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Our products are used by some of the most innovative energy companies in Europe. You’ll be in good company.

Generation Forecast

Reduce balancing costs with accurate generation forecasts for wind and solar portfolios.

Trade Optimization

Increase short-term trading results with algorithmic bidding strategies.

Flex Optimization

Increase balancing revenues by curtailing renewables or dispatching battery energy systems.

Overview of our products

We provide a suite of trading and forecast products that help power traders optimize trading across day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets.

Generation Forecast

Dexter offers one of the top 3 most accurate renewable generation forecasts in its market. 

We bring value to our clients with our forecast solution that has shown balancing cost savings of up to 35%.

Our approach is data-driven and AI-based. We interpret more than 10 weather models and internally combine multiple power forecast models.  

Dexter's products are geared and optimally designed towards short-term power trading, optimized on portfolio and asset level, and able to handle operational data like SCADA data and availability data.  

The API is highly scalable and low effort thanks to a modern RESTful approach, which allows it to handle tens of thousands of assets.

Helping Greenchoice balance and optimize their 100% renewable portfolio

For over 20 years, mission-driven Greenchoice has been bringing green electricity to its customers. As
an energy supplier with more than 600,000 customers, Greenchoice is dedicated to providing green
electricity from its 4,000+ GWh renewables portfolio.

Like Greenchoice, Dexter Energy also aims to
accelerate the energy transition. This transition towards renewable energy brings about changes to
the market. With Dexter’s forecasts, Greenchoice has been able to achieve portfolio optimizations in
the short-term trading markets.

"We benchmarked forecasting skills and Dexter Energy's are among the best in the market. Their
advanced algorithms and big data analytics help us balance and optimize our 100% renewable
portfolio. This will ensure more sustainable applications can be made accessible and together we
work towards an energy transition that benefits all." Jurgen Duivenvoorden, Manager Trading and Forecasting

Trade Optimization

Dexter offers market-leading bidding strategies to renewable energy traders, turning price risk into financial opportunities.

The automated bidding strategies are based on price forecasts - trading strategic energy amounts on a day-ahead or intraday basis - thereby maximizing short-term trade profits. 

Our approach is data-driven and AI-based. The underlying price forecasting models are based on a dozen external data sources such as weather models and fundamental market data providers. These external data points are offset against internal models based on more than a hundred internally developed features. 

The product is easy to onboard thanks to a modern RESTful API approach. This API supports dynamic trade corridors. 

Using smart bidding strategies to maximize profits

The transition to renewable energy sources means that short-term energy prices are increasingly volatile due to the intermittency of renewable power. 

Dexter Energy has developed probabilistic price forecasts that are able to capture the impact of these effects. Our clients tell us they appreciate the financial performance (in €/MWh traded). They also value the unique and different shape of the signal which gives them comfort in terms of risk management. 

One example of customers that use our day-ahead-to-imbalance strategy are renewable portfolio owners who market the produced energy themselves. 

Such clients don’t have large trading departments with market views but still would like to incorporate asymmetrical price spreads in their bidding strategy. 

By providing automated bidding strategies - in combination with a generation forecast or stand-alone, Dexter helps these clients to get a grip on imbalance costs whilst managing the volumetric risk at the same time.

Flex Optimization

Dexter Energy offers advanced flex optimization strategies to trade asset flexibility on the balancing market.

There are two use cases for the product: Customers can curtail wind and solar assets or trade battery energy storage systems on the balancing market. 

For renewables, the product unlocks revenues that reduce balancing costs up to €3/MWh produced.

For battery energy storage systems, the product generates >€100.000/MW installed/ year

How we help Scholt Energy Services maximize their revenues

Scholt Energy provides energy and flexibility services to the B2B market. They optimize and market battery energy storage systems on behalf of their customers.

Over the years, large B2B power consumers have invested in flexibilizing and decarbonizing the way power is being used. Scholt Energy helps these clients by offering an energy solution that integrates energy supply with added flexibility and optimized returns.

One use case is the optimization of battery energy storage systems. Scholt Energy trades such systems on different markets, including the balancing market.

A second use case is the curtailment of solar and wind assets in moments of highly negative balancing prices.

Dexter delivers bespoke imbalance price forecasts and asset steering strategies to Scholt Energy in order to maximize profits for the end customer.

“With Dexter we have been able to increase trade profits for our customers, thereby accelerating the decarbonization and flexibilization of the energy system.” Walter van Alst, Operations Manager ETS 

Who we are helping

We provide advanced decision-support products for the trading floors of modern energy companies.

Forecast and quantitative analysts

Short-term traders

Heads of trading

Why work with us?

We provide our customers with the best all-in-one solution for the short-term trading cycle. Here’s what you can expect from a partnership with us.

High-performance forecasting

Our advanced AI forecasting setup interprets very large amounts of data at high speeds. This helps customers get a better understanding of risk and uncertainty in order to make better informed decisions. To achieve this high-performance forecast we collect millions of data points from all relevant weather models, across the assets of our clients, from operators in the market, third parties, as well as in-house proprietary data.

All-in-one solution

We are unique in combining generation forecasts, trade optimization, and flex optimization in one single solution for renewables & BESS portfolios. Our clients appreciate our solution because we have a broad & deep knowledge of what drives trading risk & profits. We have a deep understanding of the meteorological side of forecasting as well as the market fundamental side.

Best-in-market software

Dexter Energy's API is a developer-friendly solution that is easy to use, secure, and capable of handling dynamic and complex renewables portfolios. With comprehensive documentation and a range of sample customer journeys, developers can easily integrate Dexter Energy's solutions into their own workflows. The API provides authentication and access control to ensure that only authorized users can access data, ensuring the security of your sensitive data. The API's flexibility allows it to handle even the most complex and dynamic renewables portfolios, making it an ideal solution for portfolio managers.

Dedicated partner

Our objective is to optimize trade results - beyond a good forecast. We do this by providing detailed feedback on the portfolio data but also by challenging our clients on their forecast setups & trading strategies. In a recent customer survey, conducted by an external agency, over 85% of respondents feel that Dexter offers good value for money. Furthermore, 100% regarded Dexter as an innovative company and 92% said it’s easy to do business with us.

Some of our customers

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