Energy Forecasting, Asset optimisation & Data management services

Dexter offers Load Forecasting, Asset optimization & portfolio optimization services to energy utilities to reduce imbalance costs.

Load Forecasting

Asset Optimisation

Portfolio Optimisation


Dexter offers electricity load forecasting-as-a-service using advanced machine learning within the short-term trading cycle. Customers benefit from cost savings due to lower imbalance penalties, time savings by automating processes and lower IT costs through a cloud set-up. Dexter is experienced in forecasting renewable generation and prosumer forecasting.

Video: Load Forecasting by Dexter explained (1:35)

Asset Optimisation

Dexter offers short-term price and imbalance forecasting services using advanced machine learning. Customers use this information to optimally dispatch flexible energy assets throughout the short-term trading cycle and increase revenues on assets. Dexter has experience in dispatching large-scale batteries, renewable assets and combined heat-and-power units.

Video: Asset Optimsation by Dexter explained (1:02)

Portfolio Optimisation

Dexter offers forecasting and optimisation services to optimise trading strategies. Customers use the forecasts to balance their portfolio on the mid-term and optimise the nomination process up to automated decision making in real-time.

Video: Portfolio Optimisation by Dexter explained (0:57)

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