Vakbeurs Energie – Den Bosch

8, 9 and 10 October in Den Bosch, Netherlands.

Visit us at the Vakbeurs Energie in Den Bosch and learn about:

Renewable forecasting

Dexter has improved its solar and wind power forecasting services. The service covers the following aspects:

  • Higher accuracies due to
    • Incorporation of new weather models
    • Advanced clustering
    • Improvement in physical models
  • Incorporated near-real-time forecasting (nowcasting)
  • Best accuracies achieved on cluster-level: Solar: 22% | Wind: 16% (nmae)
  • We’ve built a dashboard

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Optimized trading solutions for storage

Dexter has developed an optimized trading policy algorithm for large-scale storage solutions. The following milestones were achieved in the last 6 months:

  • Solution successfully deployed at the Greenchoice mega-battery project (10MW): Outperformed benchmark by 35% in the first four months
  • Smart-EV-charging project with Picnic/Engie is progressing according to expectations. Read more

To request more information about our trading policies, please contact Hubert Penn:

+31 6 405 932 08 or

Portfolio forecasting tool

We have made further improvements on our forecasting models and added new features to the forecasting tool:

  • Incorporated new weather models and advanced clustering leading to higher accuracies
  • Improved syntenthic profile forecasting by accounting for solar power growth
  • Forecasting for smart meter allocation (SMA) connections
  • Lengthened forecasting range to 3-days ahead
  • Added analytical capabilities to dashboard

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