KPN, a top tier telco provider in the Netherlands is developing the ‘KPN Buurtbatterij’ (‘Neighborhood Battery’) concept. The batteries, which are installed throughout the Netherlands, are primarily used as back-up generation in case of power interruptions. With the advent of green electricity, electricity can also be stored in case of (too) much wind and solar energy and green energy can be supplied in the event of a shortage. A third application is to help the system operator stabilize the grid by trading the battery capacity on the real-time power market (the so-called imbalance market). 

Dexter Energy Services provides the imbalance price forecast. With these predictions, the battery continuously charges or discharges when stabilisation is required. With Dexter’s forecast, the battery is dispatched more accurately at moments of power shortage or surplus. This leads to a more stable grid and a better business case of the battery.  

In the project, Nilar was contracted to provide the batteries. ICT Group supplied the Energy Management System. 

With this project, KPN contributes to a future-proof and socially responsible solution for the future replacement of the already operational emergency facilities in various data centers throughout the Netherlands. We from Dexter are proud to be part of this project that accelerates the energy transition with such battery projects.