Optimize your short-term energy trading cycle with advanced forecasting.

Load forecasting

Dexter helps customers with imbalance risk to minimize imbalance cost by making sure the most accurate trading position is taken on the day-ahead and intraday energy market.

Imbalance forecasting

Dexter helps customers with flexible energy assets to maximize short-term trading revenues on the imbalance market through accurate imbalance forecasting

Use case HVC: Renewable & Load Forecast


HVC is a sustainable energy and waste-processing company that provides heat and power to the Dutch B2B and B2C market. The municipality-owned utility partners with its shareholders and customers to transition from a fossil-fueled energy system towards a renewable-based system. Dexter helps HVC to optimally trade energy in the short-term by providing HVC with accurate renewable and load forecasts.

Use case Greenchoice: Imbalance Forecast


Greenchoice is a green energy supplier that provides power and gas to the Dutch B2C market. One of the project to provide green electricity when the wind doesn’t blow is a 10 MW battery connected to a 28 MW wind park. To make the business case, the battery helps the TSO to balance the grid with its flexibility. Dexter provides imbalance forecasts to optimise this business case

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