What types of forecasting does Dexter offer? [VIDEO]

Our forecasts help our customers te optimize their imbalance positions. For this we offer two different products. We offer load forecasts on the supply and demand side: Solar and wind B2B, telemetry B2C, synthetically profiled customers Prosumers, both large and small...

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How does the algorithm of Dexter work? [VIDEO]

The algorithm uses a very large amount of data. Think of weather data, proprietary data, grid data behavioural data in combination with historic consumption and production data from the customer. We then process that data to improve the quality of it. In a next step...

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What problem does Dexter solve? [VIDEO]

Energy companies are facing growing costs as a result of the energy transition. Here’s why: In the electricity system, production and consumption have to be equal at all times. If the system is not in balance, the grid operator has to intervene. This results in extra...

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Residential solar and managing summerly imbalance

This week the IEA (International Energy Agency) published its 2019 Renewables report. The report foresees strong growth in renewables - driven by decentral solar power. We are seeing an increase in summerly imbalance costs driven by residential solar, which if the IEA...

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HVC chooses Dexter to forecast 39 MWp solar power

HVC is expanding its renewable generation portfolio by developing three solar parks in 2018 of in total 39 MWp. HVC chose Dexter as forecasting partner for day-ahead and intra-day power nominations. On the 27th November 2018 the first solar park in Boekelermeer has...

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