Greenchoice, a large provider of green energy in the Netherlands, has selected Dexter Energy Services to provide forecasting software for a wind-battery-combination. The windpark consists of 8 windmills, which generate 68GWh on average per year. The 10MW (10MWh) storage system is installed to maximize the value of windproduction and actively balance the grid. Luuk Veeken, CEO of Dexter, explains: “Our software will help to optimize the short-term trading decision of the wind-battery-combination.

In a first step, the battery is used to shift renewable energy production from hours of strong winds to calmer moments. In a second step, the battery-wind-combination will help to keep the grid balanced, on a national and international level. Dexter provides the algorithms to forecast the national grid imbalance and optimizes the dispatching of the battery-wind-combination. Our software is able to predict imbalances by applying advanced machine learning to large amounts of data related to the grid, weather and energy consumption.” Jurgen Duivenvoorden, pricing & short term portfolio manager at Greenchoice, is excited to work with Dexter: “During the commercial tender, Dexter has shown to have the best imbalance forecast.

With this battery-wind-combination and Dexter’s intelligence, we are a step closer to the goal of fully integrating renewable energy in the electricity system. “